Expat Stars Awards 2014
"The Oscars of the online expat community."


It’s that exciting time of the year again at MyCurrencyTransfer.com. We’re steam cleaning the red carpet and polishing the awards for what promises to be a fantastic Expat Star Awards 2014.

This prestigious awards event recognises, celebrates and rewards the sheer hard work, effort and creativity that goes into making an expat blog invaluable to its expat community. We want to show our true appreciation and admiration for the people or teams who put everything into ensuring expats have the information and insights they need for a smooth and enjoyable transition to another country or a peak at life in their perspective home

We’ve chosen 10 categories that we feel cover all bases when it comes to the variety and diversity of expat blogs, portals and websites available today. Whether you write a travel blog, give tips on moving to a specific country or even the best places to eat, we have an award category for you.

MyCurrencyTransfer’s judging panel works to a strict scoring system, giving you lots of ways to shine.

Websites will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • The quality of your web content - do you wow your readers with irresistible content?
  • The uniqueness of your content - no room for copycats here. We’re looking for the content movers and shakers of the expat world.
  • Social media analytics - show us what your tweets and likes are made of.
  • User engagement - are you keeping your communities interested?
  • Site interactivity - what can visitors do once they get to your site?
  • UX/UI - user experience and user interact - if UI is the saddle and the horse, UX is the feeling you get from riding the horse! Show us what your site is made of and what your users get out of it.
  • Community management - show us how well you manage your communities.

We’re really generous with our awards here at MyCurrencyTransfer.com. We don’t give just one award per category. That would be mean! Winners from each of the website categories, will be honoured with a Gold, Silver, Bronze or a finalist badge of honour. Expat bloggers who have been recognized will also be given opportunities to take part in a Question & Answers sessions and publish details on the MyCurrencyTransfer.com blog.

We wish you the best of luck for the 2014 awards and look forward to receiving details of your website for inclusion. Email us now at expatawards@mycurrencytransfer.com.

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Gold Winner - MyCurrencyTransfer.com's Expat Stars Awards 2014
Silver Winner - MyCurrencyTransfer.com's Expat Stars Awards 2014
Bronze Winner - MyCurrencyTransfer.com's Expat Stars Awards 2014
Finalist - MyCurrencyTransfer.com's Expat Stars Awards 2014